Part-time Faculty

Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Lecturer Hwa Chang Portrait of Teacher 「Hwa Chang」 Post graduate degree in music education (piano) and music therapy, Universität der Künste Berlin, Germany Music Therapy
Lecturer Li-Hsiang Huang Portrait of Teacher 「Li-Hsiang Huang」 Master of Music Hochschul für Musik Detmold, Germany Music Industry and Marketing
Assistant Professor Chiung-Hui Huang Portrait of Teacher 「Chiung-Hui Huang」 Master of Science in Communication Technology, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan Acoustic Foundation of Music
Lecturer Chia-Che Liu Portrait of Teacher 「Chia-Che Liu」 Soochow University, Taiwan Piano's Tuning, Servicing and Performing Arts on Upright
Assistant Professor Chiu-Yu Chou Portrait of Teacher 「Chiu-Yu Chou」 Ph.D, University of Manchester, England 16th Century Counterpoint, 18th Century Counterpoint
Lecturer Yi-Chen Tsai Portrait of Teacher 「Yi-Chen Tsai」 l'Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, Francee Harmony
Assistant Professor Pi-Tzu Yang Portrait of Teacher 「Pi-Tzu Yang」 Highest performance diploma Hochschul für Musik Detmold, Germany Studies in Percussion literature
Lecturer Mei-Chih Chou Portrait of Teacher 「Mei-Chih Chou」 Diplom, Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi di Milano Italian
Assistant Professor Yi-Hsin Cindy Liu Portrait of Teacher 「Yi-Hsin Cindy Liu」 DMA, University of Cincinnati, USA Studies in Wind Literature, Orchestral Excerpts
Lecturer Alan Lu Portrait of Teacher 「Alan Lu」 Master of Music in composition National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan Jazz Theory and Improvisation


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