Part-time Faculty

Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Assistant Professor Ching-Po Paul Chiang Portrait of Teacher 「Ching-Po Paul Chiang」 MA, University of Southern California, USA Conducting, Orchestra, Contemporary Music Ensemble
Lecturer Chu-Hsien Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Chu-Hsien Lin」 Master of Music, Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey, USA Choral Conducting, Chorus
Lecturer Wei-I Wang Portrait of Teacher 「Wei-I Wang」 PhD Candidate of Graduate School of art Harvard University, USA Introduction to Arts History, Selected Readings on Canon of Art
Professor Rom-Shing Cheng Portrait of Teacher 「Rom-Shing Cheng」 PhD in Ethnology, Université Paris III, France Seminal in Taiwan Music
Lecturer Yi-Chun Yeh Portrait of Teacher 「Yi-Chun Yeh」 Master of Arts, The University of Iowa, USA Orff Method
Lecturer Hong-Ming Shieh Portrait of Teacher 「Hong-Ming Shieh」 Master of Music in College Piano Accompaniment Penn State University at West Chester USA Dalcroze Eurhythmics
Lecturer Chiu-Fang Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Chiu-Fang Lin」 Master of Music in piano performance The Mannes College of Music, USA Ear Training and Dictation
Lecturer Ta-Wei Chou Portrait of Teacher 「Ta-Wei Chou」 Master of arts in designing Harvard University, USA Computer and Music, Music in Multi-Media
Lecturer Tao-Min Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Tao-Min Lin」 Master of Music Northwestern University, USA Score Reading, Keyboard Harmony
Lecturer Chung-Hua Weng Portrait of Teacher 「Chung-Hua Weng」 Master, Eastman School of Music Piano Accompaniment, Keyboard Harmony, Ensemble


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