Title Name Photo Duty Ext. E-mail
Secretary of Bachelor Department Chapmann Shih No picture  

Overlook all affairs of bachelor degrees, compiling and inspecting of the school affairs development plans, department review, human resources, bachelor program student and course affairs, bachelor program individual application/exam distribution/transfer/foreign students application/Oversea Chinese application, foreign students affairs/consultation, teachers research project management, teacher hourly accounting, contact foreign exchange academic institutions, budgeting, accounting / financial management, document management, management of access control systems.

Waishuanghsi 6372 Email Address  
Secretary of Master Degree Te-Chen Huang No picture  

Master program/Master professional program curriculum, Master program/Master professional program admission, post-graduate qualification review/entrance exam and scholarship application, department introduction,Music major individual Tutorial lessons / chamber music, intraoperative examinations, master classes / academic lectures, seminars /thesis presentation, Concerto Competition, library business, enrollment promotion, website management, internships concert management, music continuing education, classroom / piano room management, maintenance and management of instruments contracts

Waishuanghsi 6382 Email Address  
Orchestra Assistant Hung-Chih Lu No picture  

Department Orchestra / Symphonic Band / String Orchestra / Ensemble Modern Music / Choir concert performances arrangement, performance planning, venue rental/technology coordination, performance affairs, orchestra affairs, important school celebration and all departments performance support, non-profit community performance support, instruments maintenance Piano accompaniment Assistant: Piano accompaniment for master and master professional program/3rd year bachelor wind, string and vocal major students including daily rehearsals, classes and final exams. Also support the administrative affairs of Waishuanxi Cup choir competition/alumni related,

Waishuanghsi 6373 Email Address  


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