Part-time Faculty

Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Lecturer Audrey Lee Portrait of Teacher 「Audrey Lee」 Master of Music in piano performanceThe Mannes College of Music, USA Piano Accompany
Assistant Professor Koji SAKURAI Portrait of Teacher 「Koji SAKURAI」 Bachelor of Arts in Music University of California, Berkeley, USA Computer and Music
Lecturer Nicolas Henri François SUIRE Portrait of Teacher 「Nicolas Henri François SUIRE」 法國里昂政治學院碩士 Performance
Associate Professor Chiao-Chen CHIEN Portrait of Teacher 「Chiao-Chen CHIEN」 中國中央音樂學院文學博士
Assistant Professor Chao-Chiun CHOU Portrait of Teacher 「Chao-Chiun CHOU」 法國巴黎第八大學博士
Lecturer Cheng-Yu LEE Portrait of Teacher 「Cheng-Yu LEE」 美國北德大學音樂碩士 Jazz Music Ensemble
Lecturer Yu-Chuan YAO Portrait of Teacher 「Yu-Chuan YAO」 美國聖名大學音樂教育碩士
Professor Gwang-Lin Peng Portrait of Teacher 「Gwang-Lin Peng」 DMA, The City University of New York, USA Violin, Chamber Music, Performance Practice, Studies in String Literature


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