Part-time Faculty

Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Associate Professor Wen-Ji Perng Portrait of Teacher 「Wen-Ji Perng」 Performance Diploma, Hochschule für Musik Detmold, Germany Voice, German Lieder
Assistant Professor Hai-Yun Cheng Portrait of Teacher 「Hai-Yun Cheng」 PhD, Boston University, USA Voice, Introduction to Opera, Seminar in Vocal Literature
Lecturer Chueh-An Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Chueh-An Chen」 MM, Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University, USA Voice
Lecturer Meng-Chun LIN Portrait of Teacher 「Meng-Chun LIN」 Master, Taipei National University of the Arts Vocal
Lecturer Chunying LO Portrait of Teacher 「Chunying LO」 Soochow University Vocal
Lecturer Anne Rodier Portrait of Teacher 「Anne Rodier」 Paris City Conservatory French Opera, French Art Song, Music Theatre Performance
Assistant Professor Wen Lu Portrait of Teacher 「Wen Lu」 PhD of Music Arts University of Texas at Austin, USA Percussion
Assistant Professor Ming-Jen Suen Portrait of Teacher 「Ming-Jen Suen」 DMA,University of North Texas, USA Percussion
Professor Ting-Lien Wu Portrait of Teacher 「Ting-Lien Wu」 PhD, University of California, Los Angeles, USA Composition, Music Analysis, Music Interpretation, Reading Works - Theory and Expression
Associate Professor Ting-Yi Ma Portrait of Teacher 「Ting-Yi Ma」 DMA, Indiana University at Bloomington, USA 18th Century Counterpoint


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