Title Name Photo Duty Ext. E-mail
Dean of General Affairs Shu-fang Wang Portrait of   
  1. General affairs planning under the order of the President and school policy Host bid opening and acceptance check of procurement, construction, and maintenance project undertaken by our office

  2. Convener of general affairs meeting (Booth Recruitment Committee and Faculty and Staff Dorm Distribution and Management Committee included)

Waishuanghsi 8001 Email Address  
Special Commissioner Chow-Ming Chang Portrait of   
  1. Support the business of the Construction and Maintenance Division of the Office of General Affairs

  2. Events ordered by the Dean of General Affairs

Downtown 2420 Email Address  
Secretary Ya-Yen Lu Portrait of   
  1. Arrange general affairs meeting, Office of General Affairs budget review meeting, and division business meeting
  2. Plan annual budget of the Dean’s office
  3. Aggregate budget use standard and operation regulation
  4. Aggregate information relevant to school affairs meeting and administration convention
  5. Manage file and property accounting of the Dean’s office
  6. Update and maintain webpage
  7. Register Dean’s schedule
  8. Events ordered by the Dean
Waishuanghsi 8002 Email Address  


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