There are 5 offices under the Environmental Safety, Sanitation, and General Management Division:

The Office of Environmental Safety, Sanitation and General Management ext. 8101-8105, the Administrative Office of the First Academic Building ext. 8121, the Administrative Office of the Second Academic Building ext. 8131, the Administrative Office of the Grand Complex ext. 8012,8014, and the Joint Operation Office of General Affairs at the Downtown Campus ext. 2422.

With a positive, enthusiastic, friendly, and accurate working attitude, this Division provides satisfactory service for all staffs and students on the campus, hoping to achieve the following goals:

1. Offer various services to promote living quality in school;
2. Maintain the school environment to keep it tidy and neat;
3. Plan the decoration of the surroundings to create a new atmosphere;
4. Cherish resources to put environmental protection into practice;
5. Emphasize on environmental safety education to strengthen safety measures;
6. Upgrade service quality to improve administrative efficiency.


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