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Dean Prof. Wang, Shih-Ho Portrait of   

General management of School operations

Waishuanghsi 6451 Email Address  
Secretary Chen Ying-ying Portrait of   

A. School conferences (incl. school operation meetings, teaching evaluation meetings, course planning committees, Dean selection meetings, Soochow University Literature & Science Symposiums, Editorial Committee of SOOCHOW JOURNAL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES AND CULTURES , Building R Safety Committee, School development committee etc.). B. Internal and external bulletins (e-bulletins, paper copies). C. Assignments by the Dean and agenda of the Dean. D. School reports generating and editing (administrative meeting reports, university meeting reports, school staff work records, university history records, midterm university development reports, teaching excellence program reports, school evaluation reports, department evaluation reports). E. School space management (interpreting classrooms, meeting rooms, research rooms). F. Part time staff selection, management, and training. G. Editing of Foreign Language School Communication E-Paper. H. Editing, layout and review of Soochow Foreign Language School Paper. I. Managing and producing School website. J. School budget control, expenditures auditing; school asset management as well as repair and purchase management. K. Reporting, executing, managing and evaluating of midterm university development programs and teaching excellence programs. L. Various school events and activities (alumni gathering, teaching workshops, teacher trainings, graduation ceremonies, year-end gathering, administrative workshop, seminars).

Waishuanghsi 6452 Email Address  


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