Career direction

There are diversified career directions for our graduate students under which the main areas are:

1.Actuary: policy design, underwriting operation, insurance operation, group insurance management, asset and liability management, and pension management.

2.Financial engineering specialist: financial risk management, design and valuation of financial derivatives instruments, wealth management, investment and asset allocation, and asset securitization.

3.IT specialist: program design, system analysis, system planning, system operation, and web planning.

4.Logistics management: quality management, project research and development, and decision-making.

5.Other: Secondary school teacher.

Since the first alumni from the day-time undergraduate program in 1972, there have been many outstanding alumni to work in the business field. They hold positions such as: CEO of the company, General Manager of each top life insurance company and senior officer in government. One of our traditional focuses is actuary that the majority of domestic actuaries were from this department. In recent years, our students are too well known to meet demand because of the establishment of the Master’s program and Executive Master’s program as well as the recognition from our supervisors. Moreover, our students who majored in financial engineering increase their market share in the finance industry as well.    

Access for further study

The access of further study for our graduate students are:

1.Insurance, actuarial, risk management

2.Business (accounting, finance), business administration related

3.Information engineering (information management, information science)

4.Industrial engineering (Industrial management)

5.Statistics (Applied statistics)

6.Mathematics (Applied mathematics)

There are many undergraduate students who enroll in Master’s programs and graduate students in Ph. D. programs in national or private universities each year. 


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