Established in 1968, the Department of Financial Engineering and Actuarial Mathematics was originally named in the Department of Business Mathematics. We are committed to cultivate business professionals with superior math foundation and execution ability. Until now, we were recognized both by practice and academic field for our teaching and research results in financial engineering and actuarial insurance from our teachers and students for four decades. Decades later, there are complete undergraduate, Master’s, and Executive Master’s programs in our department that develops towards financial engineering and actuarial insurance. Featured with the integration of mathematics, management, financial engineering, and actuarial insurance as well as emphasis on inter-discipline training, we cultivate professionals for those two fields. Our excellent alumni who were recognized by industry, government, and academics are distributed in the insurance, finance, information, and management industry. Based on their outstanding performance, our inter-discipline training not only truly meets the demand of present society but also fully grasps the changing business opportunity. In addition to their contribution in teaching and research, our faculty members in financial engineering and actuarial insurance fields aggressively participate in relevant academic activities, the result is gradually emerged with favorable comments.


Based on the mathematics training and information technology our department offers, we progressively guide students into fundamental theory and application of financial engineering and actuarial insurance with emphasis on inter-disciplinary professionalism and complementarity. Through inter-disciplinary training, we hope to cultivate students with fundamental theory and skills in various fields into professionals such as financial risk managers, financial analysts, and actuaries in the industry, government, and academics to improve their decision ability in the financial engineering, actuarial insurance, and business administration industry and further to make a contribution in the economic development of the country. 


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