Adjunct Faculty

Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Lecturer Sheng-Wen Lai Portrait of Teacher 「Sheng-Wen Lai」 Ph.D student, Department of Finance, National Taiwan University Economics, Statistics, Finance Management, Investment, Calculus, Accounting
Lecturer Daniel Pang Portrait of Teacher 「Daniel Pang」 Master, Department of Business Administration, SooChow University Business Operation and Administration Practice, Supply Chain Management, Knowledge Management, Strategic Management
Lecturer Graham Lo Portrait of Teacher 「Graham Lo」 Master, Department of Business Administration, SooChow University Purchase Strategy, Supply Chain Management, Consumer Behavior
Lecturer JEN-HAO YEH Portrait of Teacher 「JEN-HAO YEH」 Master of Arts in Digital Arts & Sciences, University of Florida, USA Photography, Digital Image, Film Production, Multimedia
Lecturer KUANG-HEI HO Portrait of Teacher 「KUANG-HEI HO」 Master, Department of International Bussiness, National ChengChi University PRACTICE OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE
Lecturer CYNTHIA CHEN Portrait of Teacher 「CYNTHIA CHEN」 Master, Department of Business Management, National Sun Yat-sen University FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT
Lecturer JIM CHEN Portrait of Teacher 「JIM CHEN」 MBA,University of Houston Information Management、Project Management
Lecturer HUNG-LIANG CHEN Portrait of Teacher 「HUNG-LIANG CHEN」 Master of Science, Institute of Computer and Decision Sciences, National Tsing Hua University Computer Programming, Object-Oriented Technologies
Lecturer Shou-Wei Chang Portrait of Teacher 「Shou-Wei Chang」 Ph.D., University of Southampton Financial Engineering、Investment、Financial Statement Analysis、Corporate Finance
Lecturer Dennis Huang Portrait of Teacher 「Dennis Huang」 Master of Business Administration, National Taiwan University The University of Michigan, Law School, LL.M. Intellectual Property Litigation and Licensing,Sciences and Technology Laws,Antitrust and Anti-Unfair Competition Litigation,Domain Name Protection,Consumer Protection and Products Liability,Corporate Contract Management and Dispute Resolution,Criminal Defense; White Collar Crime; Corporate Governance ,


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