Adjunct Faculty

Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Associate Professor Justin Wang Portrait of Teacher 「Justin Wang」 " Master, Department of Business Administration, National ChengChi University" " Procurement Managemen, Objective Management and Performance Evaluation, Business Consulting, Strategic Planning"
Associate Professor Yen-Fang Chu Portrait of Teacher 「Yen-Fang Chu」 " Ph.D, Graduate Institute of Business Administration, National Taiwan University" "生產管理、供應鏈管理、品質管理、專案管理 Produce Management, Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Project Management"
Associate Professor Webster Kiang Portrait of Teacher 「Webster Kiang」 " Ph.D, in Materials Science, University of Washington" " Finance, Management, Materials Science, Public Administration"
Associate Professor Daniel Hao Tien Lee Portrait of Teacher 「Daniel Hao Tien Lee」 " Ph.D, in Materials Science, University of Connecticut" " Science and Technology Incubation, Science and Technology Inductry Trend Analysis and Venture Management, Operation Production and Technology Development Management, Consumer Electronics and Memory Integrated Circuit Product and Market Development, Semiconductor Module Process and Process Integration Technology Development and Production Management"
Associate Professor Hui-Feng Kang Portrait of Teacher 「Hui-Feng Kang」 "Ph.D, , McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific" " International Business Practice, Mergers and Acquisitions, International Intellectual Property Rights Dispute, Financial Crime and Corporate Governance"
Associate Professor Tyzz-Jiun Duh Portrait of Teacher 「Tyzz-Jiun Duh」 " Ph.D, School of Forestry and Resource Conservation, National Taiwan University" " Inductry Policy, Inductrial Tax, Inductrial Regulations"
Associate Professor Chi-Kuo Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Chi-Kuo Lin」 " Ph.D, in Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland" " Transportation Business Administration, Logistics Management, Transportation Planning, Traffic Management"
Associate Professor Hui-Feng Kang Portrait of Teacher 「Hui-Feng Kang」 " Master, Department of International Bussiness, National ChengChi University" " International Business Practice, International Finance, Foreign Exchange, International Trade Laws"
Associate Professor Horng-Yan Chang Portrait of Teacher 「Horng-Yan Chang」 " Master, Department of Management, St. John's University / Master, Department of Accounting, St. John's University" " Media Literacy, Sports Industry and Customer Relationship Management, Network Marketing Communication, Media Business Administration and Media Mergers and Acquisitions"
Associate Professor Chi-Mien Liao Portrait of Teacher 「Chi-Mien Liao」 " Department of Bussiness Administration, National ChengChi University" " Operation Research, Statistics, International Business"


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