Registration Date and Method: (After completing internet registration, please mail information required in the brochure. Information postmarked after the due date will not be accepted.)
◎Enrollment by Selection Exam: in the beginning of May each year.
◎Enrollment by Application: in the middle of July each year.
Admissions Program: Undergraduate Program of Business, School of Business.

◎Enrollment by Selection Exam:
Group A is based on scores of General Scholastic Ability Test and review of written information.
Group B is based on review of written information.

◎Enrollment by Application: based on scores of subjects specified by College Entrance Examination Center.
◎For relevant admissions information, please read the following brochure or call our admissions group at 02-28819471 ext. 6062 – 6067 (paper brochure is not available).

Admissions Brochure for Undergraduate Program of Business School of Business (for reference)


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