The curriculum for freshman in this program is made up of fundamental courses from the School of Business. In the second semester of the freshman year a meeting will be held to determine the individual characteristics of students and how they match different possible courses of study. Following this, students will choose suitable courses of study in the professional accounting practice or business administration fields. The fundamental course goals are:

A. Emphasizing on the fundamentals of business studies and on practical application.
B. Strengthening the professional skills of the theory and practice.
C. Exploring varied development and international horizon.

Program Regulations (applicable to 2013 academic year enrollment):

130 credits are required for students in the Undergraduate Program of Business School of Business, which include:    

A. 24 credits of mandatory common courses.
B. 29 credits of mandatory courses in the School of Business.
C. Students will select either the "Accounting Program” or "Business Administration Program” from 2nd year, and require 32 credits of mandatory courses from their respective program.
D. In additional to the above mandatory courses, students should take elective courses (45 credits).  Up to 16 credits of elective courses from outside the program will be recognized, of which up to 6 credits may be from university-wide elective courses

Course Selection Notices→ Course Withdrawal Application in the Spring Semester of 2014 Academic Year.

●Study Period: 5 years (early graduation is permitted if all credits achieved within 4 years and relevant requirements of the school are met)
●Credits for Graduation: 130 


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