Title Name Photo Duty Ext. E-mail
Head Ying-Hua, SU Portrait of   

Overseeing all affairs of the division

Deputy: Ting-Wen, PANG

Waishuanghsi 5241 Email Address  
Senior Staff Wen-Feng, HSIAO Portrait of   

Planning, executing and managing DHE-fund subsidies to private universities and colleges provided by the Ministry of Education

Deputy: Li-Hsueh, YEH

Waishuanghsi 5243 Email Address  
Senior Staff (for English service) Ting-Wen, PANG Portrait of   

Planning, executing and managing university development plan

Planning and reviewing annual budgets

Deputy: Wen-Feng, HSIAO

Waishuanghsi 5244 Email Address  
Staff Li-Hsueh, YEH Portrait of   

Handling university tuition fees and the adjustment process

Planning and reviewing annual spending budgets

Deputy: Ting-Wen, PANG

Waishuanghsi 5242 Email Address  
Assistant Yi-Hsuan, LEE Portrait of   

Assist in handling various affairs of the division

Waishuanghsi 5245 Email Address  


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