Traditional philosophy is divided into Chinese Philosophy, European Philosophy, Anglo-American Philosophy areas. The field of philosophy is very massive and cannot be covered in one philosophy department. Our department aims to integrate the teachers’ collaboration from all areas of specialty to develop common research topics, gradually push forward research team to found the special research features of this department.


  In Chinese philosophy, it is centered on "Heaven, humanity and ethics” for further elaborated research; the important areas include Mohists, Taoist, Philosophy of Sung and Ming Dynasties, and Unearthed Research. Also, Chinese philosophy (foreign language) information center has received funding from the Ministry of Education in 2001 to set up database for the development of Chinese philosophy teaching in foreign languages and western philosophers to teach and research on Chinese philosophy. 

  Continental Philosophy centers around "culture, value and practice” for further elaborated research. The important areas include phenomenology, hermeneutics, philosophy of culture, narrative research…etc.

  Anglo-American philosophy centers around "logics, knowledge and Methodology” for further elaborated research. Important areas include advanced logic, inductive logic, epistemology, philosophy of science, and scientific methodology, etc.


  Our bachelor program curriculum is planned out according to departmental research direction to create a comprehensive and balanced curriculum for the proper allocation of required and elective courses.

1. University Required Credits: 28 credits, department required credits: 36 credits, department elective credits: 64 credits. Elective credits could substitute for the 16 credits outside of the philosophy department (not including PE and Military Training)

2. Departmental Required Courses:哲學概論Introduction to Philosophy、邏輯Logic、邏輯問題討論Fundamental Problems of Logic、中國哲學史History of Chinese Philosophy(I)、History of Chinese Philosophy (II)、西洋哲學史History of Western Philosophy(I)、History of Western Philosophy(II)、倫理學Ethics、知識論Epistemology、形上學Metaphysics,total of 36 credits。

3. Elective Courses:Select courses according to the center dogma of the department (Chinese philosophy, continental philosophy, Anglo-American philosophy).


  Master program curriculum aims to strengthen the post-graduate students’ basic philosophical research capabilities; emphasizing the research method training to cultivate the students’ active learning and independent research abilities.

1. Study Period:1-4 years.,Credits to graduate:32 creidts(Required: 6 credits, electives: 26 credits, thesis: 0 credit.)

2. Required Subject:哲學基本課題研究Researches on Basic Philosophical Themes。


English-instructed Program: Philosophy and Literature & Topic in Chinese Philosophy


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