SCU Philosophy Department Office (Room D0827, No.2 Education Building)

There are 28 part-time and full-time lecturers who all possess philosophical professional knowledge. There are 13 full time professors of whom two are long term full-time visiting professors, four professors, two associate professors, three assistant professors and two project assistant professors. All full time professors got their PhD degree from domestically and Internationally renowned schools. There are 15 part-time professors of whom one are visiting professors, five professors, five assistant professors and four lecturers. 

Address:111-02 No.70, Linxi Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City (Room D0827, No.2 Education Building)
Phone::02-2881-9471 ext. 6212~6214

Development Focus and Features:

  1. Internationalize Education: This department is the first one in Taiwan to set up mini courses and recognize all the credits taken.    Since 2005, the "mini course 1” was initiated and till today, it has already reached "mini course 7”. Internationally renowned scholars are invited from US, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong to give out lectures.
  2. Internationalize Research: Our department has set up the "International Center for Chinese Philosophy” The website is  The purpose of this establishment is to promote Chinese Philosophy research in foreign languages in which could assist the Chinese philosophy development in Taiwan and other oversea Chinese regions. This information center contributes to the traditional dialogues of the Chinese and Western Philosophy. There are 5000 volumes of books in which is the most complete database of Chinese Philosophy in Western languages in Asia. In addition, there is another project for collecting Epistemology-related books. This project has received $8834000 NT library funding from NSC; this collection has proved to be beneficial to the study of Epistemology. There are already 4000 Epistemology books currently which can compare to the best research library in Taiwan and could even reach international standard. The curriculum of this department is also a special feature. Furthermore, for the past consecutive 6 years, international philosophy seminars have been held: Master series invites the internationally famous philosophical master scholars to give out seminars in Taiwan and these seminars are published by Princeton University.
  3. Outstanding Academic Research: Our department has been receiving support from NSC in 2012-2014 to start a integrated project that improves private universities’ research power. The team of 6 professors is formed to carry out this project and invite internationally famous scholars to participate in the project. Our department and school has been rated as an "outstanding humanity and society department” in the past 4 years in which of 3 years, SCU is the only humanity department awarded. In 2012, Cheng Hung Tsai from our department received the Junior Research Investigator Award from Academia Sinica and in 2013, he received Ta-You Wu Memorial Award from NSC. He was the one of the only 3 people that ever received this award from the philosophy field.
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