Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Full-time Visiting professor(retirement) Cheng-hung Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Cheng-hung Lin」 PhD in Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley Epistemology, Logic, Philosophy of Science
Full-time Visiting professor(retirement) Po-Wen Kuo Portrait of Teacher 「Po-Wen Kuo」 PhD in Philosophy, Yale University History of philosophy, social philosophy, American Philosophy
Full-time Visiting professor Wan-Chuan Fang Portrait of Teacher 「Wan-Chuan Fang」 PhD in Philosophy, University of California, Irvine The Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind
Full-time Visiting professor Jien-Ming Jue Portrait of Teacher 「Jien-Ming Jue」 PhD in Philosophy, Southern Illinois University American philosophy, Neo - Confucianism, Applied Ethics, Environmental Ethics
Kuang-Yi Liu Chair Professor Kim-Chong Chong Portrait of Teacher 「Kim-Chong Chong」 PhD in Philosophy, University of King's College, London Ethics, Comparative Ethics, Chinese Philosophy, Confucianism, Philosophy of Zhuangzi
Full-time Visiting professor(resignation) Yiu-Ming Fung Portrait of Teacher 「Yiu-Ming Fung」 PhD in Philosophy, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Confucianism, Philosophy of Buddhism, Ancient Chinese Logic, Comparative Philosophy
Full-time professor Jau-Hwa Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Jau-Hwa Chen」 PhD in Philosophy, University of Bonn Kant's Philosophy, Philosophy of Human Rights, Feminist Philosophy, German Idealism Philosophy, Applied Ethics
Full-Time Professor & Chairperson(2018.8.1~2023.7.31 Distinguished Professor) Chien-Kuo Mi Portrait of Teacher 「Chien-Kuo Mi」 PhD in Philosophy, University of Iowa Philosophy of Language, Epistemology, Logic
Full-Time Professor Zhi-Hue Wang Portrait of Teacher 「Zhi-Hue Wang」 PhD in Philosophy, Heidelberg University German Idealism, Greek Philosophy, Political Philosophy
Full-Time Professor(resignation) Cheng-Hung Tsai Portrait of Teacher 「Cheng-Hung Tsai」 PhD in Philosophy, National Taiwan University Epistemology, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Action


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