Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Visiting Professor(retirement) Cheng-Hung Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Cheng-Hung Lin」 PhD in Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley Epistemology, Logic, Philosophy of Science
Visiting Professor(retirement) Po-Wen Kuo Portrait of Teacher 「Po-Wen Kuo」 PhD in Philosophy, Yale University History of philosophy, social philosophy, American Philosophy
Visiting Professor Wan-Chuan Fang Portrait of Teacher 「Wan-Chuan Fang」 PhD in Philosophy, University of California, Irvine The Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind
Visiting Professor Jien-Ming Jue Portrait of Teacher 「Jien-Ming Jue」 PhD in Philosophy, Southern Illinois University American philosophy, Neo - Confucianism, Applied Ethics, Environmental Ethics
Kuang-Yi Liu Chair Professor Kim-Chong Chong Portrait of Teacher 「Kim-Chong Chong」 PhD in Philosophy, University of King's College, London Ethics, Comparative Ethics, Chinese Philosophy, Confucianism, Philosophy of Zhuangzi
Distinguished Professor & Chairperson Chien-Kuo Mi Portrait of Teacher 「Chien-Kuo Mi」 PhD in Philosophy, University of Iowa Philosophy of Language, Epistemology, Logic
Professor,Jointly Appointed Jau-Hwa Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Jau-Hwa Chen」 PhD in Philosophy, University of Bonn Kant's Philosophy, Philosophy of Human Rights, Feminist Philosophy, German Idealism Philosophy, Applied Ethics
Professor Zhi-Hue Wang Portrait of Teacher 「Zhi-Hue Wang」 PhD in Philosophy, Heidelberg University German Idealism, Greek Philosophy, Political Philosophy
Distinguished Professor Hsiang-Min Shen Portrait of Teacher 「Hsiang-Min Shen」 PhD in Philosophy, National Taiwan University Theory of Knowledge, New Confucian Philosophy, Contemporary Chinese Philosophy, Ethics
Associate Professor Cristal Huang Portrait of Teacher 「Cristal Huang」 PhD in Philosophy, Fu Jen Catholic University Hermeneutics, Semiotics, Deconstruction Theory, Critical Theory, Cultural Studies


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