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Director Shuai Kaiyuan No picture  

Director of the Military Training Office (and School Security Center): Shuai Kaiyuan contract recruitment team member concurrently Educational background: 77th grade class of National Defense Management College, on-the-job special class of master's degree in foreign affairs of National Chengchi University Experience: 1. Auxiliary team leader of successful high school students 2. Military training instructor of National Chengchi University 3. Military training instructor of Soochow University 4. Security team member of Soochow University. Main duties: 1. Overall coordination, control and handling of campus security work. 2. Supervise the planning and implementation of students' military training teaching. 3. Handle student counseling, services and other related work. 4. Assist in organizing major festivals such as school celebrations and graduation ceremonies.

Waishuanghsi 5501 Email Address  
assistant director GUO,GUO-BIN No picture  

Experience: Extracurricular Activities Group of Student Affairs Office, Secretariat Office, General Affairs Office Affairs Group Tutoring Department: Department of English, Department of German Cultural Studies Undertaking Business: 1. Host the principal's meal business. 2. Organize school celebration activities. 3. Support the activities related to the first mile of the Moral Education Centre. 4. Responsible for Sungai key box management. 5. Temporary assignments.

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Security Personnel Wey-Sou Lin No picture  

Process of personnel related matters of Office of Military Instruction and official documents from Personnel Office; Process of official documents of Office of Military Instruction not related to administrative and personnel matters; general category of the university mid-range development program; overall management of internal control regulations; employment of security persons; planning of campus security manpower and budget of the "Student Affairs and Counseling Innovation Task”; second level registration desk and receipt and transmission of electronic official documents; compilation and process of information from administrative, general affairs, campus affairs related meetings; occasional assignments

Waishuanghsi 5521 Email Address  
Security Personnel CHEN,TANG-XIN No picture  

Experience: Head of the War Department, University Instructor Tutoring Department: Faculty of Foreign Chinese and Literature and Department of Japanese Language and Literature Undertaking business: 1. Traffic safety business (including plan implementation, advocacy and traffic safety committee). 2. Student car supervision and fund settlement. 3. Sungai Campus locomotive pass verification and locomotive student comprehensive office. 4. Assist in the sports room ultramarathon activities. 5. Sungai Campus application and management of work-study students and school love services. 6. Temporary assignments.

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Security Personnel WANG,REN-SHUN No picture  

Experience: Company Counseling Chief, Junior College Instructor Tutoring Department: Department of Musicology, Department of History Undertaking Business: 1. Campus compound disaster prevention drill and study matters on Sungai Campus. 2. Annual emergency contact number for accident carry-on card production and verification. 3. Handle campus anti-bullying business. 4. National military talent recruitment and college pre-official examination and selection business. 5. Handle the implementation of the work of the safety committee of the two campus buildings to integrate the system. 6. Handle various security matters on campus (theft, anti-fraud, anti-sales...) Advocacy 7. Conduct a safety review meeting of the campus perimeter space. 8. Temporary assignments.

Waishuanghsi 5525 Email Address  
Security Personnel Wan-Chun Ho No picture  

Experience: Auxiliary team leader for high school students, university instructor Tutoring Department: Big Data Management College and Department of Huge Capital Undertaking Business: 1. Handle the control of the use of epidemic prevention funds of the Ministry of Education. 2. Military training room information equipment application investigation, property account management and other business. 3. Settlement of student visit comprehensive office and student accident handling expenses. 4. Assist in the integration of business related to gender equality. 5. Sungai Campus faculty patrol security marshalling control. 6. Temporary assignments.

Waishuanghsi 5531 Email Address  
Security Personnel Jen Ming-Lee No picture  

Experience: High school independent student assistant leader, university instructor Tutoring department: Department of Chemistry, Department of Microbiology, Department of Physics Undertaking business: 1. Security supervision and meeting business, application for annual condolence payment and application for additional personnel transfer. 2. Host the monitoring system of the school safety center and the monitoring management of Sungai. 3. Soochow University ISO certified campus safety audit business. 4. Temporary assignments.

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Security Personnel ZHANG,ZHENG-JIE No picture  

Experience: High school instructor, high school student auxiliary team leader, university instructor, group member of the Group Education and Aesthetic Education Center Tutoring Department: Department of Philosophy, Department of Social Work Undertaking business: 1. The two campuses undertake to supervise and assist the Xicheng Lecture Hall. 2. Comprehensive Coordination Office for Self-Injury Cases. 3. Integrated management of intellectual property rights, internal control systems, etc. 4. Application and comprehensive integration of epidemic prevention equipment. 5. Co-organized by Soochow Goodwill Group. 6. Support school cycling activities. 7. Temporary assignments.

Waishuanghsi 5516 Email Address  
Security Personnel Su- Chien Chang No picture  

Experience: Company Commander, Battalion Counseling Chief, High School Instructor Counseling Department: Department of Business Management Undertaking Business: 1. Military training room (student assistant), school safety center and instructor salaries and other school development plan budget preparation, control and write-off. 2. School security duty arrangement, vacation control, on-campus duty fee declaration, supplies procurement, duty log and calendar. 3. Host drug abuse and tobacco prevention business. 4. Sungai smoking area management. 5. Temporary assignments.

Downtown 2355 Email Address  
Security Personnel Chi-Tsu Yang No picture  

Experience: University Instructor Tutoring Department: Faculty of Law and Faculty of Law Undertaking Business: 1. Disaster prevention drills and studies on urban campuses. 2. Supervision of urban security. 3. Joint defense coordination of military and police in urban campuses. 4. Monitoring system management of the safety center of the middle school in the city. 5. Temporary assignments.

Downtown 2354 Email Address  


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