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Director Ying-Chin Kao Portrait of   

Overall coordination, control and process of campus safety related matters; planning and implementation of supervising student military education; student counseling service related tasks; co-organizing the university anniversary, commencement and other important festival celebrations.

Waishuanghsi 5501 Email Address  
Lieutenant Colonel Military Instructor Chen-Ming Lee Portrait of   

Process of salary, retirement funds, National Health Insurance, Military Personnel Insurance, military dependents housing allocation and sale, mortgage, and compensation for board and meals; military instructors’ annual physical checkout, uniform orders and fixture; overall supervision and organization of vendors at the Wai Shuang Hsi Campus; application and inspection of information system devices; co-organization of Echinacea” anti-drug campaign at theWai Shuang Hsi Campus; tobacco hazard prevention; anti-fraud related tasks; occasional assignments

Waishuanghsi 5526 Email Address  
Security Personnel Wey-Sou Lin Portrait of   

Process of personnel related matters of Office of Military Instruction and official documents from Personnel Office; Process of official documents of Office of Military Instruction not related to administrative and personnel matters; general category of the university mid-range development program; overall management of internal control regulations; employment of security persons; planning of campus security manpower and budget of the "Student Affairs and Counseling Innovation Task”; second level registration desk and receipt and transmission of electronic official documents; compilation and process of information from administrative, general affairs, campus affairs related meetings; occasional assignments

Waishuanghsi 5521 Email Address  
Security Personnel Jei-Lin Hu Portrait of   

Supervision of security personnel and organizing meetings; application of year-end incentive payments and application of transfer and increase of security personnel; scheduling of security personnel work shift; applications of work shift budgets; procurement of work shift items and management of records of the duty rooms; implementation of overall communication between building safety committees of both campuses; co-managing cases of major infectious diseases; co-handling military service related matters; assistance in surveys of gender equality related matters; occasional assignements

Waishuanghsi 5522 Email Address  
Security Personnel Tang-Hsin Chen Portrait of   

Overall operation of traffic safety (including program implementation, promulgation, Traffic Safety Committee related matters and supervision of student buses)

Waishuanghsi 5523 Email Address  
Lieutenant Colonel Military Instructor Yung-Chen Lee Portrait of   

Application and management of work-study students at theDowntown Campus; application and maintenance of various equipments of Office of Military Instruction at theDowntown Campus and management of records; coordination of meal gatherings with President; production and write-off of “Emergency contact telephone pocket card for unexpected events”; operation of wartime youth mobilization service logistics; regional resource center related affairs; selections of outstanding military instructors, awards of excellence in teaching; thesis selection, and various meetings and activities; occasional assignments

Downtown 2357 Email Address  
Lieutenant Colonel Military Instructor Su- Chien Chang Portrait of   

Recruit of military personnel and examination of college graduate reserved military officers; disaster prevention drills and seminars related matters at theDowntown Campus; implementation of lead coordination on military and police joint defense of campus safety tasks (large-scaled student activity on campus and mutual aid agreements with police force); co-organization of traffic safety, celebration events and personal life counseling related matters at theDowntown Campus; implementation of Love-My-University service〈愛校服務〉at theDowntown Campus; Co-handling bully and gender equity cases at theDowntown Campus; compilation of various meeting information (administrative, campus affairs, student affairs and board of directors related meetings); occasional assignments

Downtown 2354 Email Address  
Security Personnel Chi-Tsu Yang Portrait of   

Overall process of student military service tasks; natural disasters response (hurricane, floor, earthquake, etc.) and co-handling march events; strategic planning and budget planning, control and write-off of campus affairs development program of Campus Safety Center; planning, coordination and implementation of professional seminars for military training and campus security personnel; occasional assignments

Downtown 2353 Email Address  
Lieutenant Colonel Military instructor Chi-Chang Wang Portrait of   

Compilation and modification of military education related laws and regulations; organization of academic seminars and thesis publication; general affairs of the national defense education and military training courses (including educational programs, teaching material revision; class schedules, records of class supervising, class selection, supplementary examinations, class exemption, class retake, changing class related affairs); commutation of military class for military service; compilation of test materials, test materials printing and distribution, student score inquiry, process of student class feedback; review and process of motorcycle permits at the Downtown Campus, occasional assignments

Downtown 2356 Email Address  
Security Personnel Jey-Yue Jean Portrait of   

Establishment of E-platform information of Office of Military Instruction and Campus Safety Center (including web pages design and maintenance) and campus safety website announcement related matters; information compilation of annual campus safety review meetings of Campus Safety Center; supervision of contracted security personnel at the Downtown Campus; co-handling overall man-made disasters at the Downtown Campus (self-inflicted injury, theft and robbery, major infectious diseases and fire hazards); construction at the Downtown Campus; report compilation of student activities; responsible for the security monitoring systems of Campus Safety Center at the Downtown Campus and the key deposit box; occasional assignments

Downtown 2359 Email Address  


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