Guidance Methods for Contractors in Soochow University

                                      Passed in administrative meeting dated Dec.4, 1996 
                                      Revised in administrative meeting dated Apr.1, 1998 
                                       Revised in administrative meeting dated Mar.31, 1999 
                                       Revised Article 5, 6 & 7
in administrative meeting datedJuly 7, 1999

                        Revised Article 6 in administrative meeting dated May 2, 2001

                        Revised Article 2 in administrative meeting dated Jan. 9, 2003

                        Revised Article 2 & 4 in administrative meeting dated Apr.12, 2005

                                                     Revised Article 2 in administrative meeting dated Feb.1, 2012

                                                     (Effective in academic year 2012)

                                                     Revised Article 2 in administrative meeting dated Nov.19, 2012

                                                     Revised Article 2 in administrative meeting dated Oct.21, 2013


Article 1   In order to improve contractor’s service quality in cafeteria, convenient store, bookstore and stall, so as to maintain health and interest of faculties and staffs as well as students, the school set a "Contractor Guidance Team” (hereinafter referred to as "the Team”). 


Article 2   The Team is organized by Dean of Student Affairs and four representatives from Faculty and Staff Welfare Committee members, nine student representatives (including four elected by Student Congress and five by Student Association, respectively), and five representatives from Office of Student Affairs (including Director of Moral and Civil Center, Director of Health and Counseling Center, Director of Student Accommodation, Director of Military Education Office and Representative of School Security Center) in total 19 persons, in which Dean of Student Affairs serves as the convener with tenure of one year on obligation duty basis, and Office of Student Affairs shall organize task force to take charge of business.     


Article 3   The Team shall perform the following duties in accordance with agreements established between the school and contractors:

1. Inspect safety, clean, sanitary and quality, etc. for each contractor’s environment, equipment, appliance and selling goods, etc.

2. Review item, price and business mode for selling goods.
3. Guide contractor’s service attitude and service quality.
4. Review contractor’s basic information and health examination form.
5. Deal with contractor’s violations.
6. Deal with reports and complaints of faculties and staffs as well as students against    contractors.  


Article 4   The Team shall convene a meeting once at the beginning, middle and end of each semester; if necessary, it shall convene an interim meeting and notify contractor responsible person or the relevant administrative personnel to attend the meeting.   


Article 5   The Team members shall assume responsibilities and obligations to be present at a guidance meeting; if failure to attend the meeting, asking for leave in advance or solely finding the appropriate deputy is required. If failure to continuously attend the meeting twice without excuse, the one who is representative from Faculty and Staff Welfare Committee members shall be reelected by such Committee, who is student representative shall be disqualified for a representative in such a semester without by-election, and who is representative from Office of Student Affairs shall be punished by such Office.       


Article 6   The Team shall convene a meeting by half of the total attendance, and pass resolutions by more than two-thirds present at the meeting.


Article 7   The Team shall convene an appraisal meeting two months prior to expiry of each contractor agreement, so as to make assessment for Business Promotion Commission’s reference for attracting investment. 


Article 8    Once passed in administrative meeting, these methods shall be reported to President for approval before put into effect; amendment thereof shall be applicable.




















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