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Security Personnel Chi-Chang Wang No picture  

Experience: Platoon Commander, Company Commander, Taipei Prefectural Michong High School, Taipei Municipal Minglun High School Instructor Department: Department of Business Management, Department of Accounting, Promotion Department Undertaking Business: 1. Comprehensive Office of Student Military Service Work. 2. Application and management of urban work-study students. 3. Comprehensive integration of epidemic prevention equipment in the city. 4. Co-organized in urban traffic safety, celebrations and other businesses. 5. Temporary assignments.

Downtown 2357 Email Address  
Security Personnel LI,JUN-MING No picture  

Experience: Senior High School Student Auxiliary Team Leader, University Instructor Tutoring Department: Department of International Business and Trade, Department of Economics Undertaking Business: 1. Tutoring Department arranged. 2. The establishment of data (including web design and maintenance) of the E-platform of the military training room and the school safety center and the announcement of the school security website. 3. Wartime youth mobilization service plan operation. 4. Handle the business of military training courses in the city to discount the service period. 5. Management of property accounts of military training rooms in the city. 6. Temporary assignments.

Downtown 2353 Email Address  
Security Personnel SHEN,JING-YI No picture  

Experience: High school instructor, university instructor Tutoring Department: Business School and Department of Financial Engineering and Actuarial Mathematics Undertaking business: 1. Approval of locomotive passes in the city. 2. Planning, coordination and implementation of professional seminar activities for military training and school security personnel. 3. Supervision of contractors in the city. 4. Comprehensive operation history and duty log in the city. 5. Consultation Office for Sexual Cases in the City. 6. Assist in the meal business of principals in the city. 7. Temporary assignments.

Downtown 2356 Email Address  
Lieutenant Colonel Military Instructor XIE,MING-JUAN No picture  

Experience: High school instructor, university instructor Counseling Department: Department of Political Science Business: 1. Coordination and counseling of Soochow Goodwill Ambassador Club. 2. Personnel business of military training instructors: transfer, promotion, promotion, retention, performance appraisal, reward and punishment, medals, going abroad, military certificates, examinations, posts, advanced training, etc. 3. Resource center business: teaching excellence award, thesis selection, teaching report, professional seminar activities, selection of outstanding instructors and summer work study, etc. 4. Temporary assignments.

Waishuanghsi 5522 Email Address  
Lieutenant Colonel Military Instructor WU,WEI-XUN No picture  

Experience: Team leader, assistant leader of high school students, business instructor Department of Tutoring Department Department of Chinese Literature Undertaking business: 1. Responsible for the administrative and comprehensive business of the school safety center (including the statistics of school safety incidents and school projects and student activities of the two campuses). 2. The Ministry of Education and the University held an epidemic prevention meeting and issued an annual plan for the continuous operation of the new crown pneumonia. 3. Formulation of the annual campus safety and disaster prevention and rescue management implementation plan. 4. Comprehensive information of the Campus Disaster Prevention and Rescue and School Safety Work Review Meeting. 5. Contact and coordinate operations between the Ministry of National Defense, the police and the municipal government. 6. Comprehensive integration of Sungai school safety business (wind, fire, earthquake, flood and infectious diseases, etc.). 7. School Safety Center of the Ministry of Education business coordination and filling in information. 8. The School Safety Center of the University reflects the reply and consolidation of the mailbox separately. 9. Temporary assignments.

Waishuanghsi 5502 Email Address  
Lieutenant Colonel Military Instructor WU,WEI-DE No picture  

Experience: Military training instructor, senior high school advanced education department student assistant team leader Counseling department: Department of Information Management, Bachelor of Business Course, Undertaking Business: 1. Instructor physical examination, clothing supplementation, salary, duty pay and other related business. 2. Fill in the monthly tutoring achievement statistics table and the quarterly counseling statistics form for economically disadvantaged students. 3. National defense education related business (including education plans, revision of regulations, class schedules, supervision records, test question collection and printing, grade examination, etc.). 4. Key box management in the city. 5. Comprehensive Coordination Office for disasters (wind, fire, earthquake, flood, infectious diseases, etc.) and parades in the city. 6. Temporary assignments.

Downtown 2359 Email Address  


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