1. Taking into account faculty's research areas, the Department delivers courses of theoretic and applied Mathematics with core courses in small classes. 
  2. To cultivate students' abilities of critical thinking, logical reasoning, analysis, expression and calculation skill based on systematic curriculum with recitation classes.
  3. Feature the curriculum into three clusters: mathematics, scientific computing, Statistics and Information Science, provide students with a broad vision of mathematical science.
  4. Install new software and hardware facilities in Student Computer Lab to strengthen students the ability of using computer technology applications.
  5. The online supplemental course materials by instructors assist students to self-study efficiently. 
  6. The Mathematical Decision Science and Big Data Analysis program offers the course, Practicum in Data Processing and Analysis, which focuses on the real case studies.  
  7. Invite industry experts to lecture jointly on practical curriculum, and arrange student internships.
  8. The alumni from all walks of life have achieved outstanding success and shared enthusiastic feedback (donations, joining activities).



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