1. Refine our curriculum to cultivate students' mathematics literacy and potential.  
  2. Feature the curriculum to guide student interdisciplinary learning for individual future development.
  3. Pursue course innovation and emphasize computer technology applications to attract student learning motivation.
  4. Invite industry experts to lecture jointly on practical curriculum, and arrange students' internships.
  5. Keep on updating and building facilities for teaching and research to enhance performance and achievement.  


  1. To encourage the faculty and students to participate in academic exchange activities and organize workshops and colloquiums.
  2. To encourage the faculty to apply research projects from MOST(Ministry of Science and Technology) and industry to promote academic accomplishment and to boost industry-university collaboration.
  3. To encourage students to participate in academic research projects.
  4. To encourage students to participate in institutional seminar camps for mathematical related studying.


  1. To implement school's grading alert, the instructors provide coaching and care to students in need.
  2. Refer the results of related aptitude tests to provide guidance and care to students.
  3. There is a course supervising meeting for all students.
  4. To organize career-development related activities for the seniors.
  5. Welcome our alumni to be guidance instructors.

Promotion and Service

  1. To encourage the faculty to participate in social services to assist the improvement of mathematics education.
  2. To organize math-related activities. 



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