Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Chairperson, Associate Professor Hwei-Ting Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Hwei-Ting Lin」 University of Minnesota, Ph.D. Dynamical system.
Professor Mao-Ting Chien Portrait of Teacher 「Mao-Ting Chien」 SUNY at Buffalo, Ph.D. Functional Analysis, Matrix and Applications.
Professor S.Y. Chang Portrait of Teacher 「S.Y. Chang」 National Taiwan University, Ph.D. Analysis, Mathematical Economics, Rough Sets.
Professor Chih-Ru Hsiao Portrait of Teacher 「Chih-Ru Hsiao」 University of Illinois at Chicago, Ph.D. Game Theory, Mathematical Economics.
Professor Chie-Ping Chu Portrait of Teacher 「Chie-Ping Chu」 National Tsing Hua University, Ph.D. Partial Differential Equations, Fourier Analysis (Image Processing).
Associate Professor Lina Yeh Portrait of Teacher 「Lina Yeh」 SUNY at Buffalo, M.S. Numerical computation, Machine learning.
Assistant Professor Hui-Wen Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Hui-Wen Lin」 National Chengchi University, Ph.D. Biostatistics, Medical Epidemiology, Data Analysis, Deep Learning.
Assistant Professor Pin-Chi Hung Portrait of Teacher 「Pin-Chi Hung」 National Central University PhD Algebra, Number Theory, Cryptography.
Project Assistant Professor Pei-Chiang Shao Portrait of Teacher 「Pei-Chiang Shao」 National Central University PhD Image Processing,Signal Analysis.
Retired Assistant Professor Mu-En Wu Portrait of Teacher 「Mu-En Wu」 National Tsing Hua University, Ph.D. Information Security、Quantitative Finance.


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