Undergraduate students 

Professor Tsing-Hua Teng Scholarship for Outstanding students

Professor Tsing-Hua Teng, former department chairperson and dean of school of science, was a respectful educator. Domestic and international peers have been ardently donating to mathematics department to award the outstanding students in order to remember Professor Teng. Four students will be awarded each semester. Please refer to "to apply”.

SCU Department of Mathematics Alumni Association Scholarship

 Mr. Tiao-Ting Chen, former president of department of mathematics alumni association, donates and sets up this scholarship in order to motivate the hardworking undergraduate students. Please refer to "to apply”.

 SCU Math Department for Commerce and Foreign Language Scholarship

The alumnus Chang JiaTai graduated in 1995, has set up SCU Math Department for Commerce Scholarship in 2000 to encourage bachelor program students of mathematics department to select commerce courses in order to broaden their horizon. In 2013, Mr. Chang JiaTai aimed to encourage undergraduate students to improve their foreign language abilities, therefore changed the scholarship name to SCU Math Department for Commerce and Foreign Language Scholarship and awarded more students. Please refer to "to apply”.

 SCU Department of Math emergency financial aid for the disadvantages.

Department of mathematics alumni association aims to contribute back to their own department; therefore, they donate and set up this scholarship to assist the students from disadvantaged background to continue their study. Please refer to "to apply”.

 Other scholarships and financial aids.

.Outstanding Freshman Scholarship

.Dr. Wen Lingxiong Memorial Scholarship

.Student loan

.Academia Sinica Chou Hongjing Scholarship


Master graduate students

 Part-time Teaching Assistant

Graduate students could apply for part-time teaching assistant, responsible for calculus or other course recitation, or homework grading. Please refer to "to apply”.

 Ministry of Science and Technology Research Project Part-Time Assistant

Part-time research assistant would be hired when faculties are conducting "MST research project”.  

 SCU and other financial aids/scholarships

.Postgraduate scholarships

.Master and PhD outstanding new students award

.Math Department Consistent Curriculum Award.


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