Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Professor Kuey-Ying Catherine LI Portrait of Teacher 「Kuey-Ying Catherine  LI」 Doctor of Law Pantheon-Sorbonne University International Economic Law, International Trade Law, International Investment Law, European Union Law, Arbitration Law, Government Procurement Act
Professor Yean-Sen TENG Portrait of Teacher 「Yean-Sen TENG」 LLM; MPhil, The University of Nottingham, U.K. Jurisprudence, European Union Law, International Law, International Human Rights Law, International Environmental Law, International Trade Law
Professor Ching-Hsiou CHEN Portrait of Teacher 「Ching-Hsiou CHEN」 Visiting Scholar, Georgetown University (U.S.A) Tax Law, Administrative Law, Finance Law, Administrative remedies
Professor Hung-Yi HSIAO Portrait of Teacher 「Hung-Yi HSIAO」 Doctor of Law, Soochow University Criminal Law, Criminal Policy, Code of Criminal Procedure
Professor Keh-Chang GEE Portrait of Teacher 「Keh-Chang GEE」 Master of Laws, National Taiwan University Administrative Law, Law on State, Tax Law
Professor Pao-Cheng Paul DUNG Portrait of Teacher 「Pao-Cheng Paul  DUNG」 Doctor of Law, University of Bonn Constitution, Adminstrate Law, Law of State Responsibility
Professor Ming-Shiou CHERNG Portrait of Teacher 「Ming-Shiou CHERNG」 Doctor of Law,(Dr. jur.), University of Münster Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Economic Administrative Law, Administrative Procedure Law, Life Science and Law
Associate Professor Yung-Yu Winston CHENG Portrait of Teacher 「Yung-Yu Winston CHENG」 Doctor of Law, Southern Methodist University (USA) Anglo-American contract Law, Civil Law- obligations , Commercial Law (Company Act and Law of Negotiable Instruments), Anglo-American Law of Sales, Anglo-American Criminal Law and Enforcement , Legal Ethics, Education System and Law
Associate Professor Ling-Ling LEE Portrait of Teacher 「Ling-Ling LEE」 Bachelor of Law, Soochow University (Taiwan) General Principles of Civil Law, Civil Law-Family, Civil Law- Succession
Associate Professor Chi-Min Jimmy YU Portrait of Teacher 「Chi-Min Jimmy YU」 Doctor of Law, (S.J.D.), Southern Methodist University Anglo-American contract Law, Anglo-American Tort Law, International Business Behavior, Internet and E-Commerce Law


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