Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Chair Professor YEAN-SEN TENG Portrait of Teacher 「YEAN-SEN TENG」 LL.M., MPhil, The University of Nottingham, U.K. Jurisprudence, European Union Law, International Law, International Human Rights Law, International Environmental Law, International Trade Law
Professor HSU-CHI WANG Portrait of Teacher 「HSU-CHI WANG」 Doctor of Law, Pekin University Financial Act, Multinational Corporation Law, International Investment Law, financial laws and Regulations, General Principles on Commercial Law and Company Act
Professor KUEY-YING CATHERINE LI Portrait of Teacher 「KUEY-YING CATHERINE  LI」 Doctor of Law Pantheon-Sorbonne University International Economic Law, International Trade Law, International Investment Law, European Union Law, Arbitration Law, Government Procurement Act
Professor DONG-MAO LIN Portrait of Teacher 「DONG-MAO LIN」 Doctor of Law, University of Munich General Provisions of the Criminal Code, Criminal Code-Types of Offenses, Criminology, Criminal Policy, Code of Criminal Procedure
Professor SAN-CHI LIN Portrait of Teacher 「SAN-CHI LIN」 Doctor of Law Georg-August-University of Goettingen Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Law on State Compensation, Law of Administrative Appeal
Professor WEN-HUI CHIU Portrait of Teacher 「WEN-HUI CHIU」 Doctor of Law, Soochow University Civil Law, Medical Law
Professor CHIA-YIN HUNG Portrait of Teacher 「CHIA-YIN HUNG」 Doctor of Law, National Chengchi University Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Law on State Compensation, Administrative Order Punishment
Professor PO-YEN HU Portrait of Teacher 「PO-YEN HU」 Doctor of Law, Humboldt University of Berlin Constitutional Law, Administrative Law
Professor SEA-WAIN YAU Portrait of Teacher 「SEA-WAIN YAU」 Juris Doctor (J.D.), University of Iowa Anglo-American Tort Law, Anglo-American contract Law, United States Constitutional Law, Public International Law, International Trade Law, Law of Negotiable Instruments
Professor YUNG-CHENG CHUANG Portrait of Teacher 「YUNG-CHENG CHUANG」 Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.), Indiana University, Bloomington Company Act, Securities and Exchange Law, Banking Law


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