Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Associate Professor MEI-YING PONG Portrait of Teacher 「MEI-YING PONG」 Doctor of Law, University of Munich Specific Provisions of Criminal Law
Associate Professor I-TE CHANG Portrait of Teacher 「I-TE CHANG」 Doctor of Law, National Chengchi University Labor Law, Civil Law
Associate Professor WEN-HSIANG KUNG Portrait of Teacher 「WEN-HSIANG KUNG」 Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.), Indiana University, Maurer School of Law, Bloomington Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Food Safety Law
Associate Professor Jerry, JENG Portrait of Teacher 「Jerry, JENG」 SJD, Maurer School of Law, Indiana University-Bloomington Corporate Law, Securities Law, Financial Law, Contract Law, Torts Law, Sports Law
Associate Professor Hung, Chao-Cheng Portrait of Teacher 「Hung, Chao-Cheng」 Doctor of Law, Tokyo University Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law
Associate Professor YUE-JHENG NIOU Portrait of Teacher 「YUE-JHENG NIOU」 Doctor of Law, University of Tokyo Competition Law, Unfair Competition Law, Consumer Law
Associate Professor Yen-Chi Liu Portrait of Teacher 「Yen-Chi Liu」 J.S.D., University of California, Berkeley U.S. Constitutional Law, Legal History, Law and Society
Assosiate Professor LIU YU-CHUNG Portrait of Teacher 「LIU YU-CHUNG」 Ph.D. in law, National Taipei University
Associate Professor Ting-Hsuan Huang Portrait of Teacher 「Ting-Hsuan Huang」 Doctor of Law, Soochow University Criminal Law, Criminal Policy, Code of Criminal Procedure
Assistant Professor WAN-CHUN WENDY HO Portrait of Teacher 「WAN-CHUN WENDY  HO」 Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.), University of Wisconsin–Madison International Economic Law, International Business Law,


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