Adjunct Faculty

Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Adjunct Assistant Professor Shih-chih Kuo Portrait of Teacher 「Shih-chih Kuo」 Ph.D. Major: Language Education, Minor: Cognitive Science, Indiana University at Bloomington, USA English Language Pedagogy, Academic English Writing, Qualitative Research Methods, Children’s Literature
Adjunct Assistant Professor Shu-ting Kao Portrait of Teacher 「Shu-ting Kao」 M.A. in Foreign Languages and Literature, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan English and American Literature, History of American Literature, Novel Study
Adjunct Assistant Professor Isadora Jung-Hsiu Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Isadora Jung-Hsiu Lin」 PhD, School of Curriculum, Queensland University of Technology, Australia TESOL, Academic English, Sociology of Education, Narrative, Qualitative research, International students
Adjunct Assistant Professor Tseng, Chi-Chih Christy Portrait of Teacher 「Tseng, Chi-Chih Christy」 Ph.D. in Education, University of California, Riverside, USA Language, Society, and Culture; Academic Discourse Socialization; Educational Qualitative Research; TESOL Methods and Materials
Adjunct Assistant Professor Adrian Huang Portrait of Teacher 「Adrian Huang」 Ph.D. in Education, Northern Illinois University, U.S.A. Academic Writing in English, Cultural Pluralism, English for Specific Purposes, Sociology of Education, Educational Research
Adjunct Assistant Professor Yushan Ke Portrait of Teacher 「Yushan Ke」 Ph.D., University of Birmingham, UK Corpus-assisted Language Teaching, Second Language Acquisition, Applied Linguistics, TEFL
Adjunct Assistant Professor Diana Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Diana Lin」 M.A. in Translation and Interpretation, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan English Language Pedagogy, Translation Pedagogy, Foreign Language Acquisition
Adjunct Assistant Professor Betty Chang Portrait of Teacher 「Betty Chang」 M.J. in Journalism, University of North Texas, USA English Language Pedagogy, Chinese-English Translation Pedagogy, Technology English
Adjunct Assistant Professor Eddie Huang Portrait of Teacher 「Eddie Huang」 Doctor of Education in Spalding University, USA British and American Culture Information Technology English
Adjunct Lecturer Alice Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Alice Chen」 M.A. in Linguistics, California State University, Long Beach, USA Second-Language Acquisition, Psychology of Consummation in Language Aspect


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