Adjunct Faculty

Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Adjunct Lecturer Lin, Chi-Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Lin, Chi-Chen」 M.A. Applied Foreign Languages, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Business English, Language and culture
Adjunct Lecturer Tzu-Ping Weng Portrait of Teacher 「Tzu-Ping Weng」 M.A. TESOL, University of Northern Iowa, U.S.A. English Language Pedagogy, Oral Communication Skills, Second Language Acquisition
Adjunct Lecturer Chien-Wen Wang Portrait of Teacher 「Chien-Wen Wang」 M.A. in Applied Linguistics and Language Studies, Chung Yuan Christian University TESOL, Computer assisted language teaching & learning
Adjunct Lecturer I Shuan, Ge Portrait of Teacher 「I Shuan, Ge」 M.A. in Linguistics, Fu Jen Catholic University English Teaching; Chinese-English Translation; Research, Development, and Production of Contents and Functions on Digital Multimedia Teaching & Learning Platforms; Planning and Design on Education, Tourism, etc.
Adjunct Lecturer KIM, GAHYUN Portrait of Teacher 「KIM, GAHYUN」 M.A., National Taiwan Normal University, Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Korean Language, Chinese-Korean translation, Korean Curriculum Design, Teaching Materials Writing and Analysis
Adjunct Lecturer YANG YUN JEONG Portrait of Teacher 「YANG YUN JEONG」 PhD, National Taiwan Normal University, Department of Chinese as a Second Language Korean language teaching, Korean culture, tourism Korean, Korean grammar, TOPIK
Adjunct Lecturer Chen, Wei-Chieh Portrait of Teacher 「Chen, Wei-Chieh」 M.A., National Chengchi University, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Learner Agency, Material Development, English Speaking and Writing Pedagogy


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