Adjunct Faculty

Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Adjunct Lecturer Grace Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Grace Chen」 M.A. in TESOL, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA English Listening and Speaking, English Reading and Writing, English Language Pedagogy and the Learning of Cross-cultural Cognition
Adjunct Lecturer Francis Yu-fen Kuo Portrait of Teacher 「Francis Yu-fen Kuo」 M.A. in Western Language & Literature, National Taiwan University, Taiwan English Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, Introduction of Literature, GEPT test
Adjunct Lecturer Amy Huang Portrait of Teacher 「Amy Huang」 M.A. in TEFL/TESL, University of Birmingham, UK Genre Analysis, Grammar, Cross-cultural Communication, Oral Conversation, Listening Comprehension, Reading, Writing
Adjunct Lecturer Maxine Huang Portrait of Teacher 「Maxine Huang」 M.A. in Education with a Concentration in TESOL, California State University, San Bernardino, USA English Language Pedagogy
Adjunct Lecturer Louise Tsai Portrait of Teacher 「Louise Tsai」 M.A. in Mass Communication, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan English Language Pedagogy
Adjunct Lecturer Yu-Hsuan Chueh Portrait of Teacher 「Yu-Hsuan Chueh」 Warwick University in England Basic English, English Conversation, English Listening, GEPT, TOEIC
Adjunct Lecturer Hsin-Tzu Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Hsin-Tzu Chen」 MA TESOL, University of Brighton, England English as an International Language, Computer-assisted English teaching, Mobile-assisted English teaching, English listening comprehension
Adjunct Lecturer Huan-ju Chung Portrait of Teacher 「Huan-ju Chung」 MA, TESOL, Tamkang University Linguistics, English teaching, Business writing, Business communication
Adjunct Lecturer Chin-Yun, Lee Portrait of Teacher 「Chin-Yun, Lee」 MA in English Language Teaching Studies, University of Brighton, UK Adult English teaching strategies and analysis, English grammar, English conversation and writing
Adjunct Lecturer Lifang Liang Portrait of Teacher 「Lifang Liang」 University of Southern California, Master of Education in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (ME-TEFL) English Teaching, English Curriculum Design


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