Department History and Features

Soochow Philosophy is celebrating its 43th anniversary in 2023.  Established in 1980, the department was founded on the endorsement of Dr. Tuanmu, a former president of Soochow, with his educational vision and his famous slogan: “Without the philosophy department, a university does not deserve the name of being a university”.

With this significant historical background, our philosophy program has been striving to offer students, philosophy major in particular and all other majors in the university, a strong liberal arts education, to prepare them for advanced works in all subjects and to equip them with the abilities of logical reasoning and critical thinking, applicable to a wide variety of professions.

There are 28 part-time and full-time lecturers who all possess philosophical professional knowledge. There are 11 full time professors of whom four professors, four associate professors, three assistant professors. All full time professors got their PhD degree from domestically and Internationally renowned schools. There are 15 part-time professors of whom five are professors, twelve assistant professors and two lecturers.


Educational Goals:

Soochow Philosophy has a long-standing commitment to excellent teaching, outstanding researching, and careful advising. Our academic goal is to provide a critical and reflective program of study that guides students in the exploration of fundamental ideas, cultivate them in the deep care of human existence and enlightens them in the pursuit of wisdom. The more general goal of education is to train all students in the university acquiring the habit of asking fundamental questions and finding genuine problems, and to help them develop the analytical and reasoning skills required to make crucial judgments and to solve the complex problems.


Course Features:

Soochow Philosophy offers a diverse and balanced curriculum that covers all fundamental courses rooted in Eastern and Western philosophical traditions, and a variety of creative and applied courses incorporating newly developed ideas and the cross-cultural and interdisciplinary issues. The department is in charge of offering the required course on “The Principles of Reasoning” for all first-year students enrolled in the university.

We also newly establish two sets of module courses, under the main themes of REASONING and AESTHETIC INTELLIGENCE respectively, for all non-philosophy major students to becoming their second-major (or so-called the "second specialty"): courses under the group of REASONING including “The Art of Reasoning”, “Practical Reasoning”, “Moral Reasoning”, “Reasoning, Inference, and Fallacies”, “Reasoning of Law”, “Sherlock Holmes: The World of Reasons”, “Reasoning in Thought Experiments”, “Philosophical Mystery Fiction”; while courses under the group of AESTHETIC INTELLIGENCE including "Aesthetic Intelligence", "Brand Aesthetics", "The Aesthetics of Sound", "Design Thinking and Aesthetics", "Aesthetics of Poetry", "The Aesthectics of Visual Art", "Cultural Aesthetics", "Fashion in/and Literature", and "Searching for the Beauty". We aim to provide the education of reasons and the edudation of tastes as we offer these wide variety of programmes for the students in our university.



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