The Computing Center provides 10 MB for students, faculty and staff to build your own homepage.

In order to use the personal homepages, you may follow the instructions(Chinese Version) to upload your web pages to the personal web server(


    1. You must have an ftp program (e.g. Filezilla , Cuteftp , Ffftp, sftp) installed in your PC . Please make sure that your ftp program has been installed and is functional.
    2. Using the ftp program connect to the personal web server( and use E-mail account/password to access this service.
    3. Put your web pages to the server, and make sure your index web page (file name - index.htm) is located in the www folder of your home directory.
    4. Then you can see your homepage via the following URL - E-mail account of SU)/
    5. If you encounter any problem while using the personal homepages, please calling for assistance at 28819471 ext. 2684, or email us.


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