SU is deploying secure wireless network, available to students, faculty, staff and administrators. We build IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wave 1 wireless network service, which requires SSID, Security Type, Security key, SU E-mail account/password or E-campus account/password authentication.

   To using this service, user should get the following things ready before you start using the SU wireless service:

  1. Any mobile equipment (e.g., Notebook PCs, PDAs, mobile phones, PAD, etc.) with wireless network interface card supporting 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wave 1 standards.
  2. Setting up your mobile device by entering the correct SSID, Security Type and Security key. You may follow the standard setting-up procedures list below to visit  FAQ of Wireless(Chinese version) for Details.
  3. Having your SU E-mail account/password or E-campus account/password ready.

Standard Setting-up Procedures

  1. Install driver for your wireless network card and test it to ensure it is functional.
  2. The SSID setting :

    Network Name(SSID) SCU WiFi New SCU 802.1X
    Security Type WPA2-PSK(AES) WPA2(AES)
    Security key soochowU  
    User Name/Password SU E-mail account/password or
  3. Network setting's TCP/IP property should be set to [Obtain an IP
    address automatically].
  4. Save the above configure and reboot your mobile device.
  5. Open the browser with any URL (http only not https), the browser will automatically redirect to the SU internet account log-in page and ask you for account ID and password.
  6. Enter the same account ID and password as the ones for your SU E-mail account /password or E-campus account /password.
  7. After the content of the URL you want to visit comes up with a pop-up logout window, you are connected the SU wireless service.
  8. You may quit from the service by click the pop-up logout window or just enter the URL

802.1x service Note:

  1. SU provides 802.1x service in the following OS:
    1. Apple ios 9.3 or older version
    2. Mac OS X 10.10.5 or older version
    3. Android 5.0 or older version
    4. Windows 10 with patch15.11 installed or older version
      »   Please obtain the latest update info by visiting the web page(chinese version).
  2. As long as the 802.1x service has been set up, your E-campus account/password will be kept on the device and authenticated automatically.Please do not using this service on any shared device

The Wireless LAN Coverage Map

  1. Waishuangsi Campus
  2. Downtown Campus


  1. Using the E-mail account/password or E-campus account/password to access this service.
  2. Users are expected to follow the rules of Conduct for Using TANet and Using SU Campus Network while using the wireless system.
  3. If you encounter any problem while setting up or using the wireless service, please call for assistance at 23111531 ext. 2683, 28819471 ext. 5304 or email us.


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