UCAN Career Test:

The Ministry of Education introduces the "University Career and Competency Assessment Network (UCAN)," a unique blend of career interest exploration and competency diagnostics. This initiative aims to deepen students' workplace understanding by focusing on industry-relevant competencies. Students engage in self-assessment of their skills, allowing them to identify areas for development, bridge competency gaps, and acquire essential workplace skills, ultimately boosting their market competitiveness.

  1. Career Interest Diagnosis: This aspect delves into an individual's interests, traits, and potential career paths. With 16 career interest types and 6 Holland Code occupational personality types, it helps individuals to assess themselves, aiding in the alignment of personal interests with career characteristics.
  2. Common Competency Diagnosis: This diagnostic evaluates the presence of 8 key workplace skills in an individual, encompassing communication, continuous learning, interpersonal interaction, teamwork, problem-solving, innovation, work responsibility and discipline, and information technology application.


UCAN Webpage Link: https://ucan.moe.edu.tw/Account/Login.aspx

Career Counseling Appointment:

The Career Development Center employs professional career guidance teachers who are also fluent in English to provide career and vocational counseling to students and recent alumni (up to one year post-graduation). These personalized sessions focus on self-discovery, career decision-making, and adaptation, helping individuals to clear up any uncertainties about their future.

  1. Appointment Method
  • Go through the Electronic Campus System Homepage (top left corner) > Counseling Appointment > Schedule a career counseling session.
  • Campus APP Homepage > Personal Page > Career and Development > Career Counseling Appointment and Inquiry.
  1. Counseling Location:
  • Waishuanghsi campus : Room D0514,Second Academic Building (Tel: 2881-9471 Ext. 5423).
  • Downtown campus: Room 6012, First Floor, Arts Center (Tel: 2311-1531 Ext. 2533).

 ※Note: Career counseling services are available only to individuals with official university registration and student records.


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