Adjunct Faculty

Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Visiting Professor Sush-Der Lee Portrait of Teacher 「Sush-Der Lee」 " Master, in MBA, The Minnesota State University, Mankato (MNSU), USA" " Public Finance Program, Taxation, Finacial Management"
Visiting Professor Simon C. Dzeng Portrait of Teacher 「Simon C. Dzeng」 " Ph.D, in Accounting, Drexel University, USA" " Banking and Finance"
Visiting Professor Zhong Gengshen Portrait of Teacher 「Zhong Gengshen」 " Ph.D, in Management, Business School of Nan Kai University, China" " Business Administration, Strategic Management"
Visiting Professor Wu Jianfeng Portrait of Teacher 「Wu Jianfeng」 " Ph.D, in Strategic Management, Purdue University, USA" " Social Network Theory, Behavior Theory, Circumstance, Innovation and Venture of High and Advanced Technology Industry, Internationalization of China Enterprise"
Visiting Associate Professor Xue Hongzhi Portrait of Teacher 「Xue Hongzhi」 " Ph.D, in Business Administration, Nan Kai University, China" " Venture and Creative Management, Internal Corporate Venture"
Visiting Associate Professor Andy Hsieh Portrait of Teacher 「Andy Hsieh」 " Master Program, Department of Business Administration, SooChow University" " Operation Management"
Professor Tsau-Yi Ho Portrait of Teacher 「Tsau-Yi Ho」 " Ph.D, in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, NYU-Poly, USA" " Research Method, Multi-Variate Data Analysis, Quality Management, Applied Statistics, Experiment Design, Mathematic Statistics"
Professor Chi-Huei Huang Portrait of Teacher 「Chi-Huei Huang」 Ph.D, Graduate Institute of Economics of Chinese Culture University / Senior Research Fellow of St.Antony College of University of Oxford, Britain " Numismatology and Policy, International Economics Theory and Policy, Intrernational Economics Laws and Regulations, International Economics Organization and Negotiation Strategy, World Trade Organization and Dispute Settlement"
Professor-level professional and technical personnel Sun-Quae Lai Portrait of Teacher 「Sun-Quae Lai」 " Ph.D, Department of Business Administration, National Taipei University" " Industrial Policy and Enterprise Strategy, Business Administration(Information, Marketing), Business Development Policy and Logistics Inductry Development, Business Administration, Venture, and Development of Small and Medium Enterprise"
Professor Yi-Ching Hsieh Portrait of Teacher 「Yi-Ching Hsieh」 " Ph.D, Graduate Institute of Business Administration, National Taiwan University" " Marketing Management, Serivce Inductry Management, Internet Marketing"


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