Title Name Photo Duty Ext. E-mail
Director Kai-Chieh Chia Portrait of   

All affairs of the Department

Downtown 2600 Email Address  
Deputy Director Kai-Chieh Hu Portrait of   

Assistance in All affairs of the Department

Downtown 3693 Email Address  
Secretary Yeh-Lien Chang Portrait of   

MA program, MBA program

Downtown 2691 Email Address  
Secretary Ming-Chi Chuang Portrait of   

Course design, student affairs in undergraduate program, general administration of the department office, documentary management, and orders from the Chairman

Downtown 2601 Email Address  
Staff Chiang-Wei Hung Portrait of   

Computer facilities, property management, inventory making, scrap disposition, software and hardware purchase, department webpage maintenance

Downtown 2615 Email Address  
Contract Staff Smile Chang Portrait of   

Related affairs of Soochow Management Academic Foundation

Downtown 2607 Email Address  
Administrative Assistant Tan-Yen Huang Portrait of   

Related affairs of activity planning for the undergraduate program

Downtown 2618 Email Address  
Administrative Assistant Mei-Fen Sun Portrait of   

MBA program—evening affairs

Downtown 2692 Email Address  


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