Full-time Faculty

Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Assistant Professor Hsiu-Wen Liu Portrait of Teacher 「Hsiu-Wen Liu」 Ph. D., National Taiwan University Service Marketing and Management Internet and Social Network Marketing Database Marketing and New Product Recommendations Bayesian Statistics and Marketing Models
Assistant Professor Jei-Zheng Wu Portrait of Teacher 「Jei-Zheng Wu」 Ph.D., Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, National Tsing Hua University Manufacturing Strategy Supply Chain Management Operations Management Management Science Operations Research Managerial Mathematics
Assistant Professor Li-Yu Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Li-Yu Chen」 Ph. D., National Cheng Kung University Financial Management (Security Issuance and Repurchase, Strategic Investment) Corporate Governance
Chair Professor Koong-Lian, Kao Portrait of Teacher 「Koong-Lian, Kao」 Ph. D., inBusiness Management, Louisiana State University Financial Management、STUDIES ON MAINLAND CHINA-TAIWAN RELATIONS、
Assistant Professor Yu-Kai Wang Portrait of Teacher 「Yu-Kai Wang」 Ph.D. in Business Administration, Florida International University, U. S. A. International Business Strategic Management Organizational Theory
Assistant Professor Su-Hua, Ou Portrait of Teacher 「Su-Hua, Ou」 Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Technology and Innovation Management, College of Commerce, National Chengchi University, Taiwan Service Innovation, Open Innovation, User Experience, Media Innovation
Assistant Professor Chun-Yunc, Cheng Portrait of Teacher 「Chun-Yunc, Cheng」 Ph. D., National Taiwan University Strategic Management、Marketing Tactics、International Business、ENTREPRENEURIAL MANAGEMENT、TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT
Assistant Professor Hao-Cheng, Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Hao-Cheng, Chen」 Ph. D., Kyoto University, Japan


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