Introducing our institute in short, two aspects are particularly significant. First, our long tradition of half a century with its manifold facets. Nevertheless, the core elements were and still are an intense language training, and the mediation of basic and in-depth knowledge of various cultural subjects, in accordance with our respective personnel and institutional capacities.


Second, there is a continuous effort to adapt the content of teaching and research to the rapidly advancing social and technical developments. To achieve this goal, cross-institutional cooperation suggests itself, and interdisciplinary projects, courses or modules have been increasingly established at the faculty level since September 2022. Here, the integration of digital projects embedding AI, Big Data, and XR technologies play a vital role. Furthermore, the university offers wide-ranging training programs to provide knowledge and skills in the application of digital tools. We strongly encourage all our students to participate in these kinds of programs to have further capabilities, and strengthens their competitiveness.


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