The Department of German Language and Literature was founded in 1973, and has so far enrolled at least 3000 students. The graduate program was founded in 2003 and has enrolled about 200 students. There are around 240 students enrolled each academic year and our faculty is composed of 8 full time teachers and 12 adjunct teachers, with a 4:1 ratio between Taiwanese and German faculty.

The essential core of our Bachelor's program is intensive language training, especially during the first three years of study. The language level we recommend should be B2, if not C1, in relation to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The graduation level for our BA students demands B1.


Furthermore, to be able to act as mediators between different cultures, students need to understand certain aspects of the culture of their target language for the development of intercultural competencies. For this reason, basic and in-depth knowledge is taught through subject courses on culture, media, literature, politics, German as a Foreign Language, tourism, and economy.


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