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Secretary Yang, Shu-Ching Portrait of   

1.Administrative affairs and document management.

2.The organization and preparation of conference materials as well as meeting minutes.

3.Academic affairs of undergraduate program.

4.Administrative affairs including recruitment, promotion, leaves and certificate application of faculty members.

5.Faculty and department assessment related affairs.

6.Budget planning and management.

7.Scholarship program.

8.Students’ summer internship

9.Assisting the department director and professors.

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Teaching Assistant Lin, Yu-Fang No picture  
  1. Advisor for undergraduate students.(including mid-term warning)

    1. Academic affairs of undergraduate program such as course schedule, credit transfer and language certification.
  2. Organizing phonetic training for freshmen students.
  3. Carrying out classroom assessments.
  4. Undergraduate activities. (Study groups, alumni speeches and German contests,etc.)
  5. Part-time worker management.(including the recruitment, assigning jobs and work schedule.)
  6. The maintenance of "Dr. Qi Ma Hui Lan Memorial Hall ”
  7. The management and maintenance of all teaching aids.
  8. Assisting the student association in organizing activities.
  9. Department website maintenance.
  10. Field trips for students and teachers.
  11. Graduation play and graduation tea party.
  12. Tutorial class for German language certificate exams of A1 and B1
  13. Assisting the department director and professors.
  14. Graduate program affairs.(including enrollment, admission, courses, freshmen orientation and exams)
  15. The management of graduate program classrooms.( R0809、R0810、R0815)
  16. Carrying out classroom assessment.
  17. International academic affairs. (including overseas exchange program, international students affairs and foreign scholars’ speeches.)
  18. Department academic activities. (organization of speeches, conferences, pedagogy workshops and research sharing.)
  19. organization and preparation of conference materials for graduate program project meeting as well as meeting minutes.
  20. Book purchasing.
  21. Editing department newsletter.
  22. Alumnus liaison and the organization of events.
  23. Creating enrollment posters
  24. Assisting the department director and professors.
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