Job Opportunities

Job opportunities are available in government, academic, and private sectors:

1.Government or Academic

1.1.Master of Social Work, Inspector of Social Work in social welfare and related agencies;

1.2.Counselling personnel at school;

1.3.Monitoring personnel at Court for juvenile crime prevention and rehabilitation

2.Private sector

2.1.Master of Social Work, Inspector of Social Work in social welfare agencies and foundations;

2.2.Master of Social Work in hospitals;

2.3.Research Assistant in academic institutes;

2.4.Management and training of human resource department in private companies;

2.5.Planning and research related opportunities in public relation, project design, market survey, and research and analysis;

2.6.Institutional counselling and guidance.


Opportunities in Civil Services

Licensed Social Worker in Professional and Technical Functionaries Passing High Level Professional Test; Licensed Social Worker in Public Functionaries Passing High Level Civil Test; Licensed Social Administrative and Labor Administrative Staff in Public Functionaries Passing High Level and/or Ordinary Level Civil Test; Social Welfare Functionaries Passing Special Test; Licensed Probation Officer in Judicial Officials Passing Special Test.

Advance Academic Career

Further domestic and international studies. Excellent faculty members with advanced Master’s and Ph.D. degrees from UK, USA, and Japan provide students who are interested in further exploring the advanced academic careers the experience sharing and counseling in our Department.  The related graduate schools include graduate schools in Social Work, Social Welfare, Social Work and Welfare of Children and Teenagers, Education and Psychological Counseling, Labor Administrative, Human Resource and Management.


Social Work License (must pass Senior Qualification Examination for Professional and Technical Personnel in the category of Social Work Specialist)


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