WELCOME:Professor Billy Wagner and students from CSU-Channel Islands, Jan 9 - 16, 2016.

Let's come to Sociology department, Soochow University to hear Professor Billy Wagner 's outstanding research and lecturer. 

Dr. Wagner is currently professor of the Sociology department, California State, Channel Islands, USA. He teaches primarily statistics and research methods courses in the social and behavioral sciences. He has published in national and regional scholarly journals on topics such as urban sociology, sports, homophobia, as well as academic status. His work has also been presented at numerous regional, national, and international scientific and professional conferences.

The fourth edition of Dr. Wagner's "Using SPSS for Research Methods and Social Science Statistics" was published in 2012. 

Prior to arriving at CSU Channel Islands, Dr. Wagner held the position of Director of the Institute for Social & Community Research. During his tenure at ISCR, he served as a principal investigator on approximately $2 million in research grants and contracts.

While living in Chicago he worked as a statistician at SPSS Inc., while completing his Ph.D. in sociology at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Dr. Wagner also holds an undergraduate degree in mathematics from St. Mary's College of Maryland.

Visit Dr. Wagner's website: http://faculty.csuci.edu/william.wagner/

      The celebration of the new chairperson of our department was to be held on 22, July 2015. The dean professor Chen-Yu Hsieh(謝政諭) passed official seal from former chairperson associate professor Ming-Yeh Wu(吳明燁) to the new one professor C. S. Stone Shih (石計生). Professor Stone takes office from 1, August 2015.

      As the new chairman, Professor Stone emphasizes that he will succeed the forty-four years tradition of the department from the spirit of founding professor Martin M.C Yang (楊懋春) to ‘understand society, to serve society’ and the paradigm of former chair Wu. In advance, professor Stone said that he will continue to respect difference among faculties and enhance freedom of thought. Professor Stone upheld democracy spirit and claimed he will 'always stay with students', to ‘face problems, solve problems; face society, criticize society’ and prepare for another thriving forty years of our department via globalizing the research and teaching policies. Professor Stone is ready to lead the department to the next level.