In order to specifically implement and deepen the foundation of international academic exchanges, and to coordinate the characteristics in the development of the department, we have strengthened existing cooperation with academic organizations overseas, including those from Mid- and East-Europe, Japan, and Mainland China.


    We invite experts, from foreign countries and mainland China, to visit the department to give speeches, lectures, informal discussions, or to join academic seminars.


    We coordinate with organizations on- and off-campus to host summer camps or exchange activities; encourage teachers to visit academic institutes overseas for exchange, investigation and conducting research, or host short-term lectures as well as encourage and award students with scholarships to go to Mid- and East-Europe to learn the languages or to conduct short-term investigations and visits.


    We also host networking and social events with foreign students to increase interaction among the students of the department with those from foreign countries, exchange programs, overseas Chinese background, or part-time graduate students. With the multi-disciplinary activities in exchange and study, we successfully deepen the international visibility of the department, provide opportunities for international exposures for teachers and students, expand the vision globally, promote foreign language skills among students, and strengthen the branding of the department and its impact academically. 


    The academic institutes overseas, including mainland China, for our teachers and students to visit in exchange programs, and the ones with their teachers and students who came to visit the department in recent years include:


Czech Republic

Universitas Carolina in Prague
Masaryk University



University of Presov



Elte University



University of Social Sciences and Humanities
Uniwersytet Łódzki



Chuo University
Aichi University



California State University, Channel Islands


Mainland China

Shandong Institute of Social Science
Fudan University

Lanzhou University
Jilin University
Nanjing University
Southeast University
Harbin Institute of Technology
Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou
East China Normal University
Soochow University