Education Goals and Course Features

Educational Goals

We adhere to the mission and spirit of  "Understanding and Serving Society” motto and emphasize integrating theory and practice, from understanding and serving local communities to that of neighboring countries, and conducting comparative studies and inter-university exchange. We nurture our students into passionate, caring, rational-analytic, and responsible researchers and practioners. Our undergraduate and master programs focus on training professionals who excel in "regional studies/social policies” and "social theories/cultural studies”, whereas the master program emphasizes "advancing professional knowledge and research methods in sociology” and "strengthening skills needed in the workplace”.

Course Features

Undergraduate Program

Our undergraduate program develops our students by teaching the foundation of sociology, including theoretical analysis and applications, practical research training, and data analysis and interpretation. We also emphasize enhancing the understanding of local, regional and global societies. The curriculum design encompasses two major fields: regional studies/social policies and social theories/cultural studies. Civic service examination related courses, such as sociology internship, social service administration, and labor affairs administration is offered to lay the foundation for academic career and future employment opportunities.

Master Program

Our master program places special emphasis on two required courses, Sociological Theory and Social Research Methods to enhance theoretical thinking and independent research capabilities. In addition, elective courses in the two tracks (i.e., ‘Area studies and social policies’ and ‘social theories and cultural studies’) are offered to boost student professional knowledge and skills for examining theoretical issues, analyzing social policies, and conducting regional studies. Moreover, the department also designs oversea opportunities, encouraging students to study abroad.

Executive Master Program

The design of the executive master program emphasizes the study and application of sociological theories and research methods, particularly the study of social trends as well as the investigation of social phenomena, and problems in local communities. Systematic analysis, seminars, and project designs are employed to empower students with sociological problem-solving skills to improve their professional performance in the workplace.


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