Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Professor and Chairperson Gang-Hua Fan Portrait of Teacher 「Gang-Hua Fan」 PhD in Sociology, University of Texas at Austin, USA Religiosity and Well-Being, Social Indicators and Quality of Life, Self-Concept Development, Quantitative Research Method
Professor Chia-Ming Chang Portrait of Teacher 「Chia-Ming Chang」 PhD in Sociology, Tunghai University Sociological Theory, Sociology of Development and Globalization, China and Taiwanese Business Studies, Intimacy and Eroticism Issues, Central and Eastern European Studies
Professor C. S. Stone Shih Portrait of Teacher 「C. S. Stone Shih」 PhD in Sociology, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA Sociological Theory, The Sociology of Art, Popular Music Culture Study, Urban Sociology, Social Geographic Information Systems,Big Data Sociology
Professor Ming-Yeh Wu Portrait of Teacher 「Ming-Yeh Wu」 PhD in Child and Family Studies, University of Wisconsin–Madison, USA Sociology of Family, Social Research Methods, Adolescent Issues, Marriage and Family Relationships
Professor Chun-Mei Chuang Portrait of Teacher 「Chun-Mei Chuang」 PhD in Sociology, City University of New York, USA Feminist Theories, Sociological Theory, Postcolonial Discourse, Science and Technology Studies, Psychoanalysis
Professor Yi-Chun Chou Portrait of Teacher 「Yi-Chun Chou」 PhD in Sociology, Heidelberg University, Germany Comparative Analysis of Social Policies, Social Insurance, Social Policies of European Union, Welfare Policies of Disabilities, Theories of Social Welfare
Professor Emeritus Ming-Che Tsai Portrait of Teacher 「Ming-Che Tsai」 PhD in Agricultural Extension, National Taiwan University Urban Sociology, The Sociology of Leisure, The Sociology of Development, The Social History of Taiwan, Social Marketing, Social Aesthetics
Associate Professor Lang-Wen Huang Portrait of Teacher 「Lang-Wen Huang」 PhD in Rural Sociology, Cornell University, USA Demography, Family and Youth Studies, Research and Methods
Associate Professor Yuan-Ling Pei Portrait of Teacher 「Yuan-Ling Pei」 PhD in Sociology, National Taiwan University Sociological Theory, European Intellectual History, Economic and Social History of Taiwan
Associate Professor Wei-Gong Liou Portrait of Teacher 「Wei-Gong Liou」 PhD in Sociology, Trier University, Germany Trends Study, Innovation Society Research, Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Creativity, Sociology of Consumption, Social Theory