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A Brief Introduction to the School of Science, Soochow University

In 1969, the University set up the Department of Mathematics. The Department of Physics and the Department of Chemistry were established in 1970, along with the School of Science. The construction of the Stone Memorial Hall, the main building of the School of Science, was completed in 1974. Later, several new departments and institutes were successively added to the School of Science. The Department of Microbiology was established in 1980, followed by the Institute of Microbiology in 1988. The Department of Psychology was added in 1989, as well as, the Institute of Mathematics in 1992, and the Institute of Chemistry in 1994.

The educational goal of the School of Science is aimed at seeking logical truth and engaging in its authenication, and on the attitude of active creation. The purpose is to cultivate students who have a cultural spirit, a general knowledge of science, and the tools for scientific investigation. Due to the rapid change in world civilizations, the development of a college education has become more internationalized and interactive with the business world, so team cooperation is playing a more prominent role than ever. Therefore, the professional interaction and integration among the faculty is encouraged, in order to inspire academic study, elevate academic quality, and benefit our society.
Office of School of Sciences: R0608, 6F, Building R, Waishuanghsi Campus


Office: 886-2-28819471 Ext. 6651-6652

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