Student status: management of student registration, basic information, change of schooling status,
                             change of major, graduation, etc., and issuance of relevant certificates or documents
                             for student status.
◎Grades: management of student academic records, graduation eligibility review, application for 
                 Interdisciplinary learning,application for degree examinations review, and issuance of
                 relevant academic certificates or documents.
◎Curriculum : course arrangement, course selection, cross-school course selection, and organizing
                        summer courses.
◎Others: issuance and replacement of student ID cards, leave of absence for final exam, and
                make-up final exam, 
Soochow university English Proficiency Test. 
Service hours:
Weekdays: Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 19:30
During winter and summer vacation: Monday to Thursday, 8:30 to 16:00

Office of Registration Course Affairs Group:
Shuangxi Campus: Room A104, A105, A108 on the first floor of Chonghui Hall; Room G108 on the first floor of Daisun Hall
City Campus: Room 3102, 1st Floor, Third Building

Contact method:
Shuangxi Campus: (02)2881-9471, ext. 6012~6018, 6031~6038
Chengzhong Campus: (02)2311-1531, ext. 2301~2303, 2305, 2310~2318

Fax number:
Shuangxi Campus: (02)2883-8413, (02)2883-8353
City Campus: (02)2389-0953, (02)2370-7769


Verified education:
Fax: (02)2389-0953
Tel: (02)2311-1531, ext. 2303

Chinese transcript printer (coin-operated machine):
Shuangxi Campus: Next to Shunwen Hall on the first floor of the complex building (in front of B117 Snack Bar).
Chengzhong Campus: next to the ATM at the back entrance of Chongji Building, next to the lockers on the first floor of the third building.


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