The purpose of the Registration :
  1. To handle all affairs that pertain to student registration and course enrollment.
  2. To archive student personal information and manage student academic records.
  3. To verify the admissions qualifications of bachelor, master and doctoral program freshmen, transfer students, and archive the records. 
  4. To handle all changes that pertain to leave of absence, return to school, school dropout, etc.
  5. To handle applications for minor degree, double major, interdisciplinary programs and program transfer, etc.
  6. To handle affairs regarding the summarization, recording, notification, correction, safekeeping and displaying of student numbers and their grades.
  7. To take charge of student card production, issuance and replacement, etc.
  8. To verify student graduate qualifications, credit transfer and other related affairs.
  9. To take charge of the production, issuance and safekeeping of diplomas, and the management of graduate academic records.
  10. To collect and archive theses and dissertations, and submit them to the National Library.
  11. To handle all affairs regarding Chinese/English transcripts, English degree certifications, registration certifications and associated English correspondences.
  12. To handle the registration and course enrollment of summer courses.
  13. To review and amend Educational Regulations.  
  14. To collect all the course fees, including language training material fees, computer lab fees, credit fees, credit fees and the repay or refund of extensive programs.    
  15. To handle the application for early graduation.
  16. To take charge of the affairs that pertain to the Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society, Soochow University Branch.
  17. To coordinate the freshman handbook distribution.
  18. To provide the list of outstanding freshmen from different programs, outstanding graduates of the year, as well as the top three of each undergraduate class.
The purpose of the Registration and Curriculum Division :
The Office of  Registration and Curriculum Division is in charge of all university curriculums related tasks, including class scheduling, examination affairs (including graduate students qualifying examinations) and teachers’ class hours related tasks. 

Office Hours:
School Term:Monday~Friday,8:30 to 20:30
Winter and Summer Break:Monday~Thursday,8:30 to 16:00

Registration and Curriculum Division Office:
Room A104, A105,A108 the ground floor of Wang Memorial Hall , Waishuanghsi Campus
Room 3102, the ground floor of No. 3 Building, Downtown Campus.

Contact Information:
Waishuanghsi Campus 02-28819471 ext. 6012-6018、6031-6037
Downtown Campus 02-23111531 ext. 2301-2303、2305、2310-2317

Waishuanghsi Campus 02-28838413、(02)2883-8353
Downtown Campus 02-23890953 ext.2313、(02)2370-7769



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