Alumni Yu-Fen, Wang Memorial Scholarship


To Encourage ungraduated students of this department to participate in professional tests.

B.Current students of this department who passed the following tests can apply subsidy for registration fee:

1.Junior and Senior Examinations for Civil Service Personnel Office

2.Examination for Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI) or Insurance Assessor and Claim Adjuster by Life Insurance Management Institute of the Republic of China or LOMA.

3.Securities Specialist, Senior Securities Specialist, Securities Investment Analyst, or Futures Specialist by Securities and Futures Bureau.

4.Professional Technician Examinations by the Examination Yuan of the Republic of China

5.Other certificate examinations recognized by our scholarship review team in this department.


Alumni Association Scholarship


To encourage outstanding students at undergraduate program in this department. 


1.Students in this department excluding delayed graduates

2.Average grades 70 or above and conduct grades 80 or above at each semester for the last academic year

3.Without any failed courses during the last academic year

4.Junior and senior students were required to complete Chinese and English courses.


Professor Chih-Hsiung, Hsieh Memorial Scholarship


To encourage outstanding students in this department.


Junior(Grade 3) students in this department meet the following qualifications

1.Mandatory courses in this department such as Calculus, Linear Algebra, Financial Management I, Financial Derivative Instruments, Probability and Statistics I, Probability and Statistics II, Advanced Calculus, Mathematics of Compound Interest, and Program Design were not repeated with weighted average grades 80 or above.

2.Without any demerit


Tang, Te-Chin Foundation Scholarship


To encourage students excellent in the courses relevant to actuarial insurance in this department.


1.Total grades of Risk Management and Insurance I, Mathematics of Compound Interest, Calculus I and II, Probability and Statistics I and II, and Advanced Statistics are 500 or above.

2.Outstanding in elective courses relevant to actuarial examination (please attach any other information to proof your specialty or professionalism in submission) 

3. Without awarded by other scholarships in this department (Alumni Yu-Fen, Wang Memorial Scholarship excluded)


Business Mathematics Development Association Scholarship – Alumni Hsuan-Cheng, Liao Scholarship


To encourage outstanding and needy students at undergraduate program in this department.


1.Sophomore students in this department

2.Overall average grades 75 or above within top one third ranking in the class and conduct grades 80 or above for the last semester. 

3.Without any failed courses from the last semester


Shin Kong Life Insurance/Soochow University Cooperative Education Scholarship

A.Objective: To cultivate insurance professionals, encourage students to learn, and make personal career plan as early as possible, SKL provides this scholarship to students in this department.

B.Applicants: Outstanding students in this department with interest in the insurance industry in the future.

C.Qualification: Students completed first year of graduate program and third year of undergraduate program.

D.Rights and Obligations: The awarded students shall guarantee to enter the Company for more than half a year which is subject to the actual head account demand at that time in the Company with the relevant procedures following to HR regulation.


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